It is very easy to create your personalized Body Oil. Choose from our lavish selection of the most exquisite, supreme oils and ingredients. Besides using only the best organic ingredients, AlpStories provides you with our BeautyWizard, your online tool to mix the custom-made skincare products of your choice. Your personalized products are immediately produced by our dual-arm robot, named Balthazar, which helps you to precisely mix the organic ingredients of your choice and even prints your personalized label. 

Essentials Oils are perfect for its revitalizing effect on body and mind. Create your own formula with invigorating scent to boost vitality and awaken senses.

The key to capturing the aromatic essence and therapeutic benefits of essential oils lies in our pristine extraction process. Our unique organic extraction processes provide the assurance that our oils and ingredients are of the highest quality, purity and efficacy.

Also use this essential oil as organic massage oil to bring you the healing benefits beyond any other regular massage.

Additional uses:

Use this stimulating oil as part of your revitalizing ritual when you want your body and mind to feel instantly re-energized.

  • Apply a drop of frankincense to the bottoms of feet.
  • Diffuse during yoga or meditation.
  • Add a drop of frankincense to a moisturizer.
  • Following a day of activity, massage a drop of frankincense into hands and feet for a warming, soothing effect.
  • When in a dry climate, apply to fingernails.


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