AlpStories - Where Nature meets Future 

Personalized Organic Skincare based on your unique skin need.
Pick favorite ingredients, infinite custom combinations.

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Our Pledge

AlpStories isn’t just our name, it is pledge to pure and healthy ingredients from the European Alps and a commitment to producing the purest and healthiest beauty products in the industry. 

We've always done things differently and our commitment is manifested in cherishing the diversity of people and in rejecting a stereotype of beauty. We are experts in caring for all different skin types and take pride in having been able to create our unique BeautyWizard and robotic manufacturing system that enables consumer to create beauty products made for their unique skin needs.

We enrich our products with pure organic ingredients from the European Alps, even go above and beyond the US and EU regulations for skincare products, never make false promises and never test on animals.

AlpStories' philosophy is about an ethical and sustainable approach to living in harmony with nature. Looking beautiful should not compromise your health, the health of animals, or the health of the planet. Our innovative robotic manufacturing system is also a pledge to our philosophy, developed by a passionate team dedicated to healthy lifestyles.

Our AlpStory

Our own AlpStory begins in Slovenia (Europe) in 2014 with our founders believing in something revolutionary; that every skin is unique and deserves its own formula and that business should be truly sustainable. People differ in their views and needs in taking care of their bodies and relationship with own skin health. And because we are all different, we also need a formula that meets the needs of our individual skin. We researched ways to use robotic technology for efficient customization and developed a unique system for bespoke beauty care. Today, we at AlpStories in Europe and in the United States, create each formula from scratch and only use carefully selected fresh and organic ingredients to ensure our products are gentle and safe with maximum effectiveness. 

Masterminded by a European and American team passionate about healthy lifestyles and whose organic products are backed by powerful science. It all started when Danijel, a serial entrepreneur, developed a keen interest in personal care products upon traveling the world. The rich cultural experience gave him ideas about creating a new and very different business. He learned that the difference between people could be seen through our tastes, our senses, and our views about food, fashion and lifestyle. We also differ in our views and needs in taking care of our bodies and our relationship with skin health. And because we are all different we also need a variety of different skin care products.

That sparked the idea of AlpStories' new interactive business model that allows customers to formulate skincare products suitable for their own skin. Drawing on AlpStories heritage of ingredients from the Alps pristine botanical resources coupled with the latest advanced skin care and robotic technology, AlpStories today is a European success story with breakthrough innovation of high performance purity with scientifically validated formulas; a true harmony of science and nature.  

Meet our Alpine Adventurers 

AlpStories was founded by passionate entrepreneurs with outdoorsy and healthy lifestyles and a passion for the Beauty of the Alps. We knew what sun, sweat, harsh chemicals, wind and pollution—not to mention the dirt and grime of daily life—can do to skin. But most options out there was just mass products full of chemicals and using a blanket approach to beauty (assuming that every skin is the same) or just plain inconvenient. So, we took matters into our own hands.

In a business it is crucial to find somebody, particularly a co-founder, who has an opposite skill set. Meet our founders team that shares the passion for skincare, healthy lifestyle and outdoors:

  • Astrid truly understands global consumer goods business, startup world, marketing and the digital e-commerce world.
  • Danijel is the mastermind behind the idea, the inventor of the algorithm and the proprietary Robotic System but also the innovator of the data science and verified formula. 
  • Paul has a long-standing background in the beauty industry (having held executive positions at Johnson & Johnson and KAO Brands) and is the strategy and sales guru.

We, at AlpStories, would not be successful without our advisors and really strong team who are experts in their areas, industry leaders, that are thinking about everything from marketing, social media, supply chain management, to accounting, to cosmetic chemistry and science, compliance, technology and production. Meet Manja, Tanja, Eva, Merri and Debbie.




 Astrid grew up in Austria (home to Sound of Music) and was 
always in love with the pristine beauty of the Alps. 
Spending a lifetime hiking and skiing mountains in Europe, 
Africa and the US while living and working on different continents. 
Reconnected with the Alps and found what was 
to be the start of a new chapter in life.









Danijel, the inventor and innovator began exploring how 
the seemingly delicate Alpine botanicals had the resilience 
and adaptability to survive altitude, heat and deep snow. 
Over hundreds of formulations later, 
with a team of talented scientists, 
the first AlpStories formula was born.











Paul, at the top of the Rockies, the decision to turn
a long held dream into a reality was made, 
the first step on a new path was taken.
After a successful career in the skin care industry,
he began realizing that personalization
represents the future of skincare.











Our Beauty Promise

High-performance formula with healthy active botanicals from the Alps, modern skincare that inspires you to live a healthier, and more active life. 

Designed for every day. Our bespoke AlpStories brand offers you the ability of creating something truly unique, personal and addresses your skin concerns and issues.

Our products not only nourish, protect and revive your skin, they also complement your unique image, your lifestyle and choices, nurturing you endlessly with all the natural benefits that the European Alps offer so generously.