BW Personalized Facial Oil


Make your own 100% organic facial serum and select the one oil that is best for your skin needs. Our Facial Oils have perfect affinity with your skin’s cutaneous lipids and work to the core of the epidermis. These oils are rapidly absorbed by the skin. 

Oil is perfect for its revitalizing effect on body and mind. Create your personalized label and boost vitality and awake your senses. When choosing the ingredient for your customized facial oil, be sure to choose based on your particular skin type. Plant oils are a lot closer to the type the skin produces naturally and help to bind moisture to the skin and strengthen cell membranes.



Other Details
SKU: Copy of 160
Weight: 1.70 Ounces
Width: 2.00 (in)
Height 4.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)


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