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Drawing on AlpStories heritage of ingredients from the Alps pristine botanical resources coupled with the latest advanced skin care technology, AlpStories is a breakthrough innovation of high performance purity with clinically validated results; customized to your DNA - a true harmony of science and nature.

AlpStories was born from our commitment to excellent quality and is dedicated to creating the purest products to nourish and hydrate skin. We use hand harvested, organic botanicals from the European Alps, grown in nutrient dense, fertile soil, yielding premium quality ingredients that provide more bioavailable benefits to our skin than those grown using more commercial methods.

The natural, comforting active ingredient complex is designed to address dry skin, inflammation, redness, and environmental stress. All AlpStories beauty products are formulated to European organic standards with certified ingredients guaranteeing maximum benefits and safety for skin.

Organic Ingredients - ZERO compromise - Healthy Skincare

We create some of the best quality organic skin products in the world because we refuse to compromise when you choose our ingredients. We only use the highest quality ingredients and we source our certified organic ingredients from the Swiss and French Alps. 

AlpStories is committed to one one most rigorous standards in the industry and has chosen to comply with and even exceed the US and EU standards for skincare and organic beauty products. 

Every single ingredients we use is vegan, natural, of certified organic origin, cruelty-free and sustainably harvested. Every essential oil found in AlpStories is of the highest quality, cold pressed and unrefined. We DO NOT use any fillers, silicon, parabens, synthetic fragrances, retinol, petroleum distillates, artificial colors, sulfates, minerals or any other harmful ingredients. 




The Power of Alpine Plants

Growing high in the mountains, rich in phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants and UV protectants, their ability to cope with extreme fluctuations in climate makes these small Alpine plants remarkable.

When used in skincare formulations, their defensive and adaptive strategies protect against dehydration, UV induced damage, free radicals & premature aging. They support collagen and hyaluronic acid production key components in firm youthful skin.


Commitment to Clean Beauty

AlpStories is a true clean beauty brand, meaning that unlike a lot of beauty products on the market, our products contain ZERO harsh chemicals and are truly organic and pure. We, at AlpStories knew that we had to set a new standard for what is considered healthy for beauty products.

Until now, the U.S. has banned 30 ingredients from personal care products, while the E.U. has banned over 1,400 harmful chemicals and ingredients. Luckily AlpStories is way ahead of the game - we only use natural and healthful organic alternatives to the harmful (and often toxic) ingredients that should be banned. We made the decision to cut out toxic chemicals like the EU did and even go above and beyond. To demonstrate our commitment to safety and skin health, AlpStories only works with certified organic ingredients partners from the Swiss and French Alps.

At AlpStories, we are passionate about every single ingredient  and every single one of one of our blends - whether it be a custom blend (Made by You) or a pre-made one. We believe that everything necessary to look beautiful is contained in nature, which is why we pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainably created skin care products that leave a low carbon footprint and do no testing on animals. Our innovative robotic manufacturing system is also a pledge to our philosophy. Consciously contributing to our fauna and planet’s conservation.

Read more here about our organic ingredients 

Make your custom skincare product yourself and create your own brand!

We believe that every skin is unique and deserves its own formula because people differ in their views and needs in taking care of their bodies and relationship with own skin health. And because we are all different, we also need a formula that meets the needs of our individual skin.

Besides using only the best organic ingredients, AlpStories provides you with our BeautyWizard, your online tool to mix the custom-made skincare products of your choice. It acts as a smart factory on your phone or through our AlpStories website. Choose from our lavish selection of the most exquisite, supreme oils and pure organic ingredients. 

Your personalized beauty products are immediately produced by our dual-arm robot, named Balthazar, which helps you to precisely mix the organic ingredients of your choice and even prints your personalized label. 

There are millions of different variations depending on ingredients, fragrances, concentration, skin need... all individualized to your skin. 



Personalized Facial Cream. You also have the ability to personalize your Facial Cream formula according to your preferences and skin needs. It is very easy, just take the Skin Quiz and provide data about your skin, the environment in which you live, your lifestyle and receive a custom formula - Made for You only.

Your personalized facial cream and skincare products will not only nourish, protect and revive your skin, they will also complement your unique image, your lifestyle and choices, nurturing you endlessly with all the natural benefits that active botanicals from the European Alps offer so generously.


Highest Quality Standards

We take pride in creating the very best innovative skin care products that we can make and using high concentrations of active ingredients in our formulas. 

We are innovators who believe that every skin has different needs. That's why our bespoke AlpStories brand offers you the ability of creating something truly unique, personal and addresses your skin concerns and issues. You can never get such a super formula off the shelf. 


AlpStories - Where Nature meets Future