100 % Pure Organic Jojoba Oil


If you are in search of a lightweight, fragrant oil to use on dry skin, facial skin and any texture hair, jojoba is an excellent choice. Boosting strength, shine and growth, jojoba oil is great to use on the scalp and hair strands for an improved appearance. For the face, jojoba is known as a balancing oil that neutralizes excess sebum but hydrates dry skin. This product doubles as a great makeup remover and is especially gentle on the eyes.


Volume 1.69 oz 


  Mineral oils free


  Artificial colors free


  Synthetic fragrances free


  Silicones free


  CRUELTY free




  100% ORGANIC 


How to use: Apply to face, body or hair and gently massage in. 

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Weight: 6.53 Ounces


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Written by Svetlana on Dec 30th 2018

Love this, it sinks right in, skin feels really lovely.

I use this under my face cream, I let it sink in first. I have combination skin with very dry flakey bits that most other creams then either give spots or make worse, This oil is perfect and isn't giving me spots or more of them! You only need a little, I love it!

Written by Nancy Rogers on Dec 17th 2018

Great for dry skin

This jojoba oil is amazing as a night moisturizer for my dry skin! It absorbs quickly and don't give me a greasy sensation, I would recommend it to everyone! Repurchasing it just now :)

Written by M.J. on Nov 18th 2018

Probably best Jojoba Oil ever

I’m writing this tonight because I was at an event earlier. 2 friends had a whole conversation about how great my skin is. I almost fell over. And you know what? I like it better than the oils I tried previously. Oh, and it’s reasonably priced.

Written by Rachel on Nov 15th 2018

Finest Oil

This is the finest oil I have used, even after many years of using all kinds (virgin olive, coconut, almond, avocado). I've tried many brands and some are fine products but for a face and scalp oil this is the one that is beyond to even write a comparison! No perfumes or additives. Comfortable bottle. A few drops warmed in my palms then pressed to my face and neck is soothing and softening. I have used other jojoba oils and this one is the best I've found. This was not my first bottle nor will it be my last.